Jenn and I went for a walk last week after dinner for a bit of a break and to enjoy the outside before it got cool again. Just a bit of a jaunt around the neighborhood.

On our way back home we came up to a couple of girls, maybe 5 or 6 years old, out on their bikes. All cute one was helping the other get started by giving her a shove. They were still learning to ride since both of them had training wheels on their bikes still.

They gave us a look when as we neared. From twenty feet away they ran screaming with their arms over their heads “Stranger! Stranger!” Running down the sidewalk a a few houses to their dad. Clutching his legs. Crying.

What the hell?

Is this what the world is coming to? That you have to teach your kids to be afraid in front of their own house? Kids don’t start off with fear like that — it’s taught. Idiot parents.

Imagine them dealing with the public? What is school going to be like?