Yesterday was a day of getting licenses and extending them. Ennie was practicing up on her ham radio skills to get her license. I signed up for the MSF Experienced Rider Course.

All went to plan today!

En passed her technician exam with plenty of safety margin! W8DFL: her grandpa’s call sign is available and as soon as she gets the license grant, we’ll file the application for the vanity call sign! Now I’m just pushing her to get the general license. (now I guess I can get her a radio… shhhh… maybe it can be a surprise. lol) If you keep watching the FCC site, you might be able to find Jenn’s call sign before we see it.

On the other hand I was just looking to get the business card-shaped certificate that I passed the MSF course. Waking up before the crack of dawn and riding the better part of an hour out to Warren isn’t my idea of a good time. But I got there and it didn’t even rain too hard. The practicing I’ve done in the past three years is paying off now! If you’ve ever seen me in the parking lot doing figure-eights, well, that’s me practicing. They want me to sign up to teach these courses! I might take them up on the offer. The instructors, Joe and Wendel were cool guys to boot.

Here’s a physics question if you want to try: when cornering is the total amount of traction the same or greater than when going straight. Keep in mond that this is not counting the traction that is used up by the cornering — just the total traction. I think you have a bit more since the (ignore the physics mis-step for a moment) centrifugal force of cornering loads the motorcycle’s suspension more. The force vector that’s acting on the ground is longer. Certainly some of that is a side-load, but it’s still more force applied to the ground. Thoughts?

Sunday: mounting up the non-winter tires/wheel on the cars. Fun.