When Ennie and I were in San Francisco for our anniversary last year we made a decision about our future: at some point we’ll move out somewhere in the bay area.

First, lets jumping back 15 years for a moment. It was around 1995 and I had just started seeing En. I was being told by a few friends that I should move out there since all the activity was happening out there. For better or worse that never came to pass. It’s painful to think about all that might have been, but in reality that’s all water under the bridge. The past is the past and no amount in work or thought is going to change it. (Unless I invent something like a flux capacitor or something…)

So we got married in 1999 and first moved to Willoughby to an apartment. Later in December of 2001 we moved to Solon. But the thought of California was always there.

Standing in Golden Gate park walking up from visiting Ft. Point I had a thought: I need to be here.

It’s different there. Right then and there on the hillside I made the decision.

Not today unfortunately… but at some point in the reasonable future. Before I’m old we’ll move out there.

People seem friendlier. There’s more outdoors. There’s no real winter. If you want winter you could just drive to it. The tech folks are still there. Prop 8 notwithstanding, people are more accepting of individual differences.

While we were out there we took the bus all over town and walked half-way across town. Waiting for a bus we talked to a couple people, just chit-chatting. Ok. Read that again. In Cleveland you have a dysfunctional public transit system. If you talk to someone on the street they look at you funny.

In the end it’s really not just one thing that draws me. The whole package is just so compelling in my mind.

It’s interesting that most everyone wants to do the same thing: move out west. That’s why the housing prices are so high I suppose.