Watching yesterday’s episode of Mythbusters was cool. Well, obviously.

On the “No Pain No Gain” episode they were trying to show swearing let you endure pain better. The problem they run into is that you can’t swear on TV. Not just swearing, but even showing you swear is problematic (just in case you can read lips I suppose). So Adam fabricated a “swear shield” so you couldn’t see their f*&@ing mouths. “Blurring is expensive.”

The coolness ratcheted up when they tested it.

…. . .-.. .-.. —

“HELLO” in Morse Code was the tones played over his voice! Ok, I had to replay it a bunch of times on the TiVo to catch it since it was at around 20 WPM, but that’s OK.

Similarly when Tory was being filmed:

…. ..- .-. – …


I can’t copy that fast, but it sure is cool knowing a bit of code.

A lot of old time hams are upset that you don’t need to pass a code test to get your ticket. That’s true, but it also lowers the bar to get people in. Morse code still has it’s place in the world: it goes where a lot of more advanced modulations can’t because it gets through interference a whole lot better.

And you can also bleep things out with it!