Tonight Ennie and I went to a Mexican restaurant: El Campesino. The whole point of the endeavor was to go to someplace with a patio. This shouldn’t be too hard a job other than the fact we’re in Cleveland and you can’t use a patio for most of the year.

In any case, they have one,

We went and asked the hostess if there were any tables outside.

“ummm… Well, no, but I guess you can wait”

“Ok,” and we sit on a bench on the side.

A couple of other parties ask for the same thing and they get told the same thing. They opt for inside so nothing awry occurs. Then someone walks in and just seats themselves outside.

“Are you allowed to seat yourself?” we ask?


So we just left. The easiest job in the joint should be the hostess. All you have to do is to take down people’s names and generally pay attention. She seemed to be unable to do even that. She didn’t have a pad or anything. Just looked like deer in headlights.

We wound up going to our regular Mexican joint: Mariachi Cocos.

I think we wound up with the better deal in the end!