Ennie and I realized that we were eating out too much. This coincided with us trying to lose weight as well. We had been eating out maybe 4 times a week. Mind you this wasn’t big and expensive places, but it did add up both from a dollars perspective. More important than that it was adding up in the calories department as well.

Problem: both of us like food. Good food. Going on a diet shouldn’t mean that you never eat good stuff. Avoiding things forever just seems to lead to bingeing later. Not good.

Not just that, but who the hell likes Mondays? It’s the start of the week and all you have to look forward to is the rest of the work week.

We came to an answer that solves this problem and a few more as well: pick someplace cool to go on Mondays. Seems simple and trivial, but it makes for something to look forward to on the first day of the week. We’ve been coming up with ideas for places to go and actually going. Pulling places from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, recommendations from friends, anything.

All this and we don’t feel guilty about actually ordering whatever we want!

Here’s a smattering of places we’ve gone:

The key is to be able to just kick back without guilt and eat whatever the hell you want. Get the appetizer! Get a big entree! Get desert! Get it all!

Then hold off for another week. There’s an odd diet for ya! (BTW: so far it’s worked for me! Down around 15 pounds)