Today is Ennie’s birthday! Yaay for En!

One thing we did (and in fact just got home from) is go out to see the Burning River Roller Girls play out two games. The two games featured match-ups of the four home (non-travel) teams in the line up. It was great fun to watch some “normal” girls out there having a good time. (Normal in this case means the type of women you work with and see around town. This isn’t their day job.)

As we drove home I got to thinking. It would be cool if there were something like that for me to do. Some sporty activity that’s team based and kinda campy and not-too-serious. I’m not looking for a conventional sport, I’m interested in something randomly fun. Roller derby just seems like the odd mash-up of community theater and a conventional sport. Everyone has a persona that they’re playing, but simultaneously they’re also in it to win.

The only thing I can think of is Ultimate Frisbee — and I just though of that as I’m sitting here typing it. Not much else comes to mind. Even that almost seems too serious.


Another angle that women have is that it’s an unexpected activity for them. Or at least it’s my perception of society’s view of it. Women aren’t supposed to play contact sports. They’re not supposed to run around in skimpy outfits in front of a crowd. Especially with their own kids watching. The shock and awe factor is appealing. That you’re not supposed to do that. (BTW: Watching a couple members of the Cleveland Steamers wave to their kids was really cool. We got to see both their personas and their normalness all rolled into one)

I guess that’s why I still do Rocky after all these years. It’s an escape hatch for pent-up energy in that part of my life. It’s not a sport, but it at least has an audience and the camp!

So, anyone out there have any suggestions?