You all know that I got an iPad on launch day.

When I was standing in line and the guy came around to ask which iPad I wanted here’s around how it went:

“Which iPad are you waiting for?”

“I don’t really know. Maybe the 32 or 64 gig one.”

“Which one are you leaning towards? You can change your mind when you get inside.”

“Well… the 32 gig version.”

No prob. I have an hour to think about it anyway.

When I get inside another guy asks:

“Which iPad are you getting?”

“I’m not sure.”

“What did you tell the guy in line?”

“The 32 gig.”

“Well, that’s the one you’re going to get.”


I get home and I start getting buyers’ remorse. Then I check how much storage I chewed up with pictures on our trip to California: 25GB. That’s awfully close to the 32GB that I have.

Crap. One of the primary use cases is using the iPad as a backup of my camera’s memory cards. I’m anal about backups, but that’s another post. If I can’t store a vacation’s worth of pictures on it, then that kinda sucks.

If I return it at this point I’ll have to pay an extra $72 since I’ve opened the box. And I’ll have to wait more on top of that. A double whammy.


Last Monday (5/10/2010) over lunch I took some pictures of the 32GB iPad and posted them on eBay with a buy-it-now auction listed at $860. I paid $729 for it. Both eBay and PayPal get a cut. Oh, wait, that’s eBay and eBay. That came to around $70 and tack on the shipping of $20 and I’m up around $40. Better than losing $72.

Why did I do a buy-it-now and pay the higher fees? Why did I post it for so relatively low? Simple. The supply is opening up and I wanted people to impulse buy it. I gave an extra incentive if it was purchased before 4:00 PM: I would ship it the same day.

Sure enough, someone got it at around 3:55.

I shipped it out and it should be delivered today.

Oh, and speaking of the supply opening up, I just got the new replacement 64GB one from Apple yesterday. That’s why I wasn’t greedy. ;-)