We found an old fire extinguisher while cleaning today. It seemed to be full from the weight of the can, but the indicator button wasn’t working. The way it should work is you push the button down and it should pop up again. It didn’t pop up at all. In fact it was just plain down. The box we were storing it in smelled a bit like the baking soda that was in the extinguisher, so something might have leaked.

Or the indicator might not be working.

Either way, I don’t feel good having a piece of safety gear that I’m not confident in. The last thing I want is to find out when there’s a fire that it’s not working!

But… what a waste it would be to just throw it out. Let’s test it!


Lo and behold, it was just the test indicator! It was still working. But you don’t want a partially charged one either… more fun!

And before you go to town that I just made a whole lot of pollution, it’s just sodium bicarbonate — baking soda. I think we’re all still OK here in Solon.

BTW: Sorry about the low audio on me.