So, all of the privacy concerns with Facebook are all over the news and the blogosphere. Here’s another new way: random “abuse” nonsense. Compound that with the fact that they don’t have to answer to anyone and you have issues.

I posted a link (well, WordPress scheduled a post, tweeted about it on Twitter which then got pushed to Facebook) to my post from yesterday and when my friends clicked on the link, the above picture is what they saw. The link if you want to try it yourself is this link: I’d like someone to tell me that it’s abusive and why.

Of course Facebook doesn’t tell you why. It’s even in their policy that they don’t say it. In fact I can’t even figure out how to mark a post as abusive. If it’s a bug in their code then it’s testament to their poor QA. Either way it’s BS.

Ennie got hit with something like this too a month or so ago. A picture she posted (no one knows which picture) got pulled for “inappropriate.” We don’t even know which picture it might be since that’s apparently secret too.


The only reason I even use Facebook at this point is to post status updates (via Twitter) and pictures for friends that are only on Facebook. The main page of it has too low signal-to-noise anyway. I might join the ranks of people that just drop it. I’m not really getting much value out of it and it’s serving to frustrate me with their stupidity.