I’ve been doing some thinking about places that I want to explore on our trip in June.

One thing I want to do is the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It starts near Afton, VA and continues all the way until Cherokee, NC. Overall it’s almost 470 miles long. On our previous trips that would be well less than one day’s drive. Hell, that’s just a bit more than half of some of the days we did in 2008.

This year it’ll be two days!

The general though is we’ll head out on Friday night and aim towards Morgantown, WV. There’s plenty of hotels there so finding a room shouldn’t be too challenge. Day 1 mileage should be around 184 miles; just a tad over 3 hours. An easy ride by any accounts.

Day 2 we head to the start of the Parkway — a “direct” route is around 194 miles through West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Saturday might be a camping night if we feel like it. The 194 miles is just a bit over 4 hours of travel time so we might head into the park that night. If I had to make a guess we’ll get into the George Washington Forest and set up the tent, hike around a bit and call it a night.

The entire parkway spans 469 miles — while we could drive that in one day… why? On Day 3 we might camp half-way through the drive and do the rest on day 4.

Another thing I’d like to do is ride the Dragon because everyone’s done it. Yes, I’m a follower… whatever. ;-)

From here, we have another 5 days of wandering to get back home. What to do… Suggestions?

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(BTW: Ennie and I might be adding more stuff onto the map — it’s a work in progress!)