The cake Ennie got me for my birthday!

Today marks the 38th time I’ve been in the same relative position around good old Sol. Of course the first one of those was my actual birth day (age: 0) so that makes me 37 years old.

Birthdays, like new years, force us to reflect about where we’ve been and where were going. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

In the last year I wrote off a motorcycle in Labrador. I saw both of my maternal grandparents pass away. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air around me. It’s been a harder year than I would want, but that’s OK I suppose. Like I keep telling others: “It builds character.”

I’m hoping the next revolution around the sun is a little bit easier and more fun. Coming up is our planned trip to the Smoky Mountains. Ideally the uncertainty should start to moderate as well. I also want to ride a century on my bicycle this year. I’ve said that before, but I think I mean it this year. The idea is to do the pedal to the point. I’ve wanted to do that for years, just never manned up and did it. I have an iPhone app or two I want to release. Lot’s of stuff to cram into a year.

One thing I’m noticing about myself is I’m don’t want to keep secrets as much. (Not secrets that affect others, but secrets about me) You know when you talk to old people they seem to say the darnedest things like they don’t care what you think. I’m getting there myself. In fact I think I’m pushing myself to get there. But that’s another post. I’ve mostly written that one, it’s actually one of the reasons I started this blog — to post that article in particular. Not that I’m giving away my secrets in that one either.  <smirk>

In any case, I’m now officially one year older than a year ago. I’m also just one day older than yesterday, so I guess it’s not as big of a deal.