I guess it’s my own damn fault for not ordering it earlier, but I don’t yet have a tank bag for my bike.

On Tuesday I ordered up a Bags Connection one from Twisted Throttle and selected two-day shipping and hit order. I called up a few minutes later to add something to the order.

“Umm… that bag seems to be out of stock. It looks like we should be getting a shipment in later this week.”


RKA-Luggage Shiloh Tank Bag

Plan B time. Time to look around for another bag. This time I came up with RKA Luggage‘s offering: the 19 liter Shiloh. I just called and sure enough it’s in stock and will ship out today. Priority mail. I should have it Monday or Tuesday.

No matter what I’ll have a bag for the trip.  :-D

At this point I think I just might cancel the other order.

I’m just happy that another part of the trip is falling into place. I think I have everything else that’s critical for the trip all ready to go at this point.