The first day was planned to be a pretty long day. We wanted to get to where we were going and not waste time dilly dallying around.

That part was accomplished quite well.

We left Cleveland at around 4:15 and rolled into the hotel at 10:20. All in all we made good time.

It wasn’t without incident though… A damn plastic cup in a parking lot at our first break decided to get all cozy with my foot when I stopped. Not having any traction caused the first 0 mile per hour tip over for the bike. Not a scratch done to anything other than my own ego.

No. I didn’t take a picture.

Otherwise it was a nice enough trip down with a beautiful sunset, rolling hills and a tunnel. And of course Wes can’t forget about the grandpa rolling down the street screening pr0n in the back seat of his SUV.

Things really are different down south.

Now, it’s just kicking back with a cold beer from the gas station next door and planning tomorrow.