Starting off the day the first thing we noticed is that camp site 21 must have been double booked with a daddy long legs convention. They were everywhere. I shook off half a dozen from the backpack and En shooed one off her face as she slept. Those are just the notable ones. We had to evict a dozen from the tent before we went to sleep and another dozen afterward in the morning. Thankfully they are nothing more than annoying.

We packed up the camp site at the KOA and headed back to where we left off yesterday. On the way we wanted to find some place to eat but it seemed that Buena Vista doesn’t have any open diners there… It might be the town or it might be the fact it’s Sunday and the only places with cars in front of them are the churches.

We almost pulled off at a Hardee’s but we thought better of it. We continued up the road to the Parkway with the air cooling off as we ascended to the top.

Right now (with no access at all) we’re sitting in a restaurant at Otter Creek getting some good southern food: country ham with mashed potatoes and some fried chicken with fried okra. We’ve never had fried okra, but anything fried has to be good, right?l

Verdict: country ham was salty as advertised. The fried okra was good, but it seems that it’s more of a carrier for breading since it didn’t bring a whole lot of flavor of it’s own to the table beyond a vague vegetal taste. The chicken was crunchy and juicy. The potatoes were a bit on the cold side, but not enough for me to complain about.

Back to the road!

Location:Blue Ridge Pkwy,Blue Ridge,United States