We had a choice today: ride another two or three hours to get to the camp ground we want to go to or just hotel it another night.

I didn’t feel like setting up a tent at 6 or 7 after driving all day; I didn’t feel like being too tired.

Then we hit some construction and learned of a detour that was a bit south of Asheville… That sealed the deal.

We landed at the Super 8 here in Asheville and will get to absorb some of the local flavor. Literally.

As we drove down the main drag here we passed the Super 8 as we were going to where the GPS was taking us: the Blue Ridge Motor Inn. When we got there we just turned back. It looked like it had seen better days a long time ago. Now it just looked something resembling closed.

At first the reason we picked the 8 was that it had some restaurants within walking distance, like the Mexican joint next door. As we were checking in I thought better of it.

“Is there a barbecue place around here?” I asked the guy behind the desk as he finished checking us in.

“Yeah, you can go to the Fiddling Pig*. It’s about four lights down the street.”

“Is that where you would go?”

At this point he looked a lot more interest.

“Nahh… Obama was just here three weeks ago and he went to the same place he went when he was campaigning. That seems to be his favorite place here in North Carolina. It’s called 12 Bones I think. Lemme check.”

He shouted out to the manager as he was showing someone how to use these new fangled key card and it was quickly confirmed.

Good food knows no political affiliation. In fact i heard that’s how barbecue really started taking off here; what better way of feeding a bunch of people you want to campaign to for a few hours.

In any case, that’s where we are going tonight.

* – I think it’s called that, I’m too lazy at the moment to check.

Location:U.S. 74 Alt,Asheville,United States