Today was a short day, just like we planned it.

While riding today we realized how good of a decision we made to hotel it in Asheville. With the detour thrown into the mix (which was poorly marked at the start, but well marked everywhere else), and construction ON THE DETOUR it took us around four and a half hours to make it to the camp site. It would have been maddening to try to make it yesterday. We would have rolled in around 9 at night. That’s not the way to have fun.

And we would have missed out on the great BBQ.

On the way over we passed the highest point on the Parkway at just over 6000 feet. We tried to visit the motorcycle museum, but it turns out they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Next time.

In any case we rolled past the campground to check out the condition of the dirt road loop that’s beyond the picnic area. It’s good compacted gravel that’s been worked together well. It looks like a nice drive but with over 1000 pounds on non-knobby tires I think that might have to wait until next time. And it’s a one way road once it turns dirt; 18 miles. Next time.

Back to the camp turned in and drove around the loop a few times to get the law of the land before we picked out our site. There are lots of sites to choose from. Some sites have little pads for tents that are a dozen feet below the road, some have them a bit above the road. Some are just meant for RVs to park in. We picked one that looked the most set back from the drive and set things up.

After a bit of confusion about the order of affairs we set the tent up first and loaded things up before paying for the site. Good thing too. We saw that a giant thunderstorm closing in on us. Being on top of the mountain we had a good view of these things.

Hunkered down in our tent with the rain pounding down gave the tent the best test it’s had to date. The gnats that were keeping us company and us stayed dry.

The storm passed with the swiftness it arrived with and it was back to being sunny no more than a half hour after it started. This seems to be the weather we are encountering the entire trip. (tomorrow looks to be more of the same – mostly sunny with a chance of thunderstorms)

A quick dinner of rice and cashews later (from Target back at home) we happily fed. All that was left to do was wander around the campground and watch the sun set.

Another good day.

Location:Fern Trail,Waynesville,United States