So here’s the situation as it stands at the moment. On our trip while camping at the Balsam Mountain Campground in the Smokies I had a brain fart: “Crap! It’s the 15th!”

As we sat out the thunderstorm on the top of the mountain I pulled out the iPad to see if I could pre-register. (I knew there was some signal since I was able to call my mom to check in to let her know all was well.) En was reading her book on the Kindle as I was slowly going through the steps of the pre-reg with one bar of Edge reception. (I just embrace my own geekiness)

View iPhone 4 Preorder in a larger map

Amazingly (but excruciatingly slowly) I was able to go over the 18 miles of signal path to sign up. I’m not sure if the speed was from the Edge or from the server meltdown, but it was certainly slow. I can tell you that having an antenna high up will help out a lot — I think I had line-of-sight to Bryson City down in the valley to the west.

In any case I got home and didn’t think much of the whole transaction until I heard there had been a server meltdown that day. Then I realized that I should have, in theory at least, have gotten an email.


At this point I called up Apple’s 800 number and asked. I was given two options:

  1. Order one for delivery in mid-July
  2. Wait in line on the 24th

Well, #2 was the one I picked. *sigh*

Today I had another brain fart: What if I call up the local Apple store directly?

“… we are looking to set something up for folks in your position …”

It’s now a known problem: Score! Apple customer service FTW!

She told me some team will contact me by tomorrow to figure out what to do with this situation. If I don’t hear anything by the time I go to bed I will get in line at 3:30 AM like I was planning, but it gives me hope for a good night sleep tonight!