Just a quick post about my digital photo workflow while I’m in the middle of it. (Sorting the 1500+ pictures I took at X-Day is a chore unto itself!!)

It goes something like this:

  • Fire up Adobe Lightroom
  • Insert the CF/SD card into the computer
  • Download the entire batch
  • Backup the computer
  • Erase the card for the next use
  • Initial round of tagging – I try to tag the whole group with one set of tags (“Subgenius”, “X-Day” in the current case)
  • Move the batch to the final directory (I have things load into a generic “import” directory that I try in vain to keep tidy)
  • Go through all of the pictures and simply flag all of the ones I intend to post. (I wind up flagging typically 1/6 – 1/4 of the pictures I take)
    • This is where having two monitors really helps out — I have the grid view on the main monitor (27″ iMac) and a zoomed view of the current picture on the Samsung monitor to the right. Having them both be color calibrated helps out things tremendously!
  • Filter the pictures to the flagged ones
  • Go through and crop the good ones to make them better and adjust the levels of each of them as needed.
  • Upload the set to SmugMug using Jeffrey’s plugin.

I know… nothing groundbreaking, but it’s what works for me.