Johnny Walker Black -- on the rocks

Ok, so this doesn’t have to do with scotch too much. Deal.

Life is transient. Work is transient. Your friends shouldn’t be.

I have a bottle of scotch in my cabinet that was put in the barrel in 1981. It sat in the barrel for 15 years. It’s sat in the bottle for nearly another 15 years. It just serves to remind me that the stuff around us all is temporary.

That scotch waited through a lot of things.

It watched president Reagan get shot.

The internet was invented while it was in the barrel. (First TCP/IP network in 1983)

It saw the fall of the Berlin wall.

It sat patiently as I got married.

Dot-coms boomed and busted.

It sat through all of my jobs.

It waited around and grew old.

Things sit around and age.

Hell, we sit around and age.

With scotch, you drink it and it’s gone. A memory.

With you, when you drink in life you become more.

Like the scotch we get beter with age. We learn more. We experience more. We grow. When you get consumed, however, you don’t go away. You are that much more. I know that I’m not the same person I was ten years ago. I would probably want to kick the 27 year old me for being dumb — and that was only ten years ago.

But while all of that aging is going on, we meet people and make friends. We learn. We grow.

That is what matters.

Don’t be like the scotch that just sits around and waits for something. Go out and get what you want. Get what you f#ckin’ need. You deserve it.

Then drink the scotch that’s been sitting around. You earned it.

Go out and make the world your own.

You deserve it.

(Like I said… this is a rant. It might not make sense to you. It might not even make sense to me tomorrow. But at this second it does. — Post.)

BTW – If you read this, and you know who you are, thanks again. I really mean it. Thanks.