When my dad passed away a year ago he left behind a range of various guns. They lived in my mom’s house ever since he moved back to Hungary. We simply ignored his requests to smuggle the guns in (!) since Hungary has stricter gun laws than the States.

That being said, we have a good supply of guns locked up now. A couple of .22 pistols and a .22 rifle. Two revolvers chambered for .38 special and .357 magnum rounds. Two shotguns round out the lot.

They sat unlocked in a duffle at my mom’s house for years. Now they sit locked in my basement.

So… what’s up with guns? Aren’t they only intended to hurt things?

Well, a lot of them I suppose are.

The .22 Browning on the other hand is just a target pistol. If you shot someone with it it would likely just make them even more angry at you. I pumped hundreds of rounds through it at my uncle’s summer cabin shooting at your ordinary plinking targets.

Fun stuff I tell ya.

That’s one of my best memories of my dad. With that little Browning Challenger.

Today, among other things, I got all of the tools and equipment to clean and maintain all of them.

And I also got something else too. More on that when I go off to the range to try it out. ;-)