Today a group of us from (and alumni) took part in the annual Sweet Corn Challenge put on by Eddy’s Bike Shop. Dan (the instigator), Ata and Greg joined me on the ride.

Dan originally proposed the 50-mile route, but later we decided that the 25-mile option would be a better choice. I think the weather agreed.

I would post up some pictures but it alternated between a drizzle and an all-out rain the entire time we were out riding. Thankfully the rain abated when we rode back to the start/finish for lunch! A soggy pulled pork sandwich wouldn’t be as tasty… not to say any of us wouldn’t have eaten it. (Except for Ata, who I’m sure would opt for the soggy Boca burger if that were the option) But none of those options came to pass and we were treated to a dry lunch.

The ride itself was a lot of fun despite the rain with a good mix of rolling hills and a few challenging hills thrown in for fun. (Ok, I might have a strange idea of “fun”)

Getting out was its own adventure though. The parking lot started off as a bit muddy, but by the time we returned it had turned into a full-on mud pit with cars getting stuck axle-deep in mud. I made it though… the first time the Audi’s been muddin’.

View Sweet Corn Challenge 2010 (25 miles) in a larger map

(We went counter-clockwise BTW)