I finally got to shoot my new toy today. Ok, it’s not a toy, but it’s still fun!

But before getting to that, let’s start a bit earlier.

Today was 1/2-price day over at the range. Ennie and I went out to do something different… and this is certainly something more differenter than we’ve really done in the past.

We went in and set up the cardboard target about 21-feet out and started playing with the Browning Challenger. It is exactly as much fun as I remember from twenty years ago. It’s more accurate than I am at this point. It’s cheap to shoot since it’s just a .22LR pistol. Little recoil because of those puny rounds. You can shoot it all day without getting the least bit fatigued.

Between the two of us we ran maybe 150 rounds through it before I switched over to the aforementioned Glock 17 9mm pistol. I think it only shot the two test shots at the factory before this. I was running 115 grain Remington UMC through it and at first it didn’t like it too much. The first round was a stovepipe. The first magazine of 17 rounds had a couple of misfeeds. The next magazine had one. Then I thought about the mechanics of the action… I thought that I should hold it a bit differently. (Wikipedia calls in “limp wristing.” Sigh.) The moment I held it differently it was all better. The next 50 or so rounds went without a hitch!

Ennie didn’t shoot the Glock yet since I want to make sure I know how it should feel first. But at this point I think it’s really starting to break in after the 100 rounds I shot.

Then on to the big guns. Or, gun, I should say. The Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum.


That is fun.

And loud.


Ennie and I shot two cylinders (6 rounds) each of the .357.


You can feel the breeze it kicks up.

Fun in a tiny little can!

Finally, a shot another two magazines of .22 through the Browning at 50 feet. Considering it’s the first time I’m shooting that I had a group of 20 mostly inside of 6 inches. I’m happy with that for now.

I think we need more practice. And it’s a blast! (literally!)