This was originally posted by Amanda Fucking Palmer a while ago. I listen to it every few weeks. When I listen to it I seem to listen for hours. It makes me realize that everyone is unique. Everyone can have a voice. They all have their place.

Interestingly, it was around that time I started to listening to Lady Gaga as well.

Art is art. Art just is.

If you don’t like it, well, good for you — don’t listen to it. Don’t look at it… whatever. The art still is.

She doesn’t seem to have secrets. She is. She doesn’t seem to care what people think of her. In

She makes art because that’s what she does. I’m sure if she wanted to do anything else she would.

I have a lot of respect for her.

If nothing else, she’s a character.

Now go buy her album or something. (Yeah, her latest one is on her own label. Go give her some cash. Only $0.84 minimum for a download. I said minimum… more is better.)