Ok, so I had to get another gun.

Yesterday I took some of the proceeds from the new job and treated myself. I went over to the local Gander Mountain and got myself another gun.

This time, like you could probably guess, is the Beretta 92FS. Why the Beretta? I wanted to get a pistol that had a different feel than the Glock. It was between between the Beretta and a Sig. The Sig has a super high-end one… so I got the Beretta. The Sig will be next time.

In a somewhat related topic we went to my sister-in-law’s place. It’s related only because the range is just down the street from them. I called up En’s dad yesterday to see if he wanted to go. Yep.

It certainly feels a lot different from the Glock. The trigger is significantly crisper than the Glock. Both the single and double action is nice and smooth and easily controlled. For a fun gun to shoot I think I like the Beretta a bit more.

That said, if I had to trust my life to a gun I’d pick up the Glock. It’s a simpler machine.

The 92 has a far different locking block strategy than the Glock. The Glock has a tilting barrel locking system while the Beretta has a derivative of the Walther P38’s locking block. The Glock is a double-action only without a true hammer, the Beretta has a hammer and all the complexity that comes with it.

But it feels a bit better.

Go figure.