This is cleaning up after a machine has sat mostly dormant for the better part of a year. I should have done this sooner, but I’ve never had the need to. Of course I should have done this to save on power if nothing else, but I’ve not done it.

Bad on me for wasting power.

Now I want to take a drive out of it. I have to make sure I have everything off the drive that I want to keep.

(Ok, I’m lying a bit… most of the data is on another drive, but I want to turn off the machine none-the-less)

It’s hard looking at a machine that I’m about to turn off. Especially since it was my primary workstation for so long.

But it’s served it’s purpose for almost four years now.

I’m in the process of copying the last bits of stuff — even if I don’t need them. I’ll sort them out later.

In about half an hour or so it’ll be time to turn it off. Put it out to pasture.