Ennie and I took a walk around the block (ok, the really big block bounded by Solon Road, Liberty and Brushwood) to check out the construction that closed off Solon Road.

Call us curious I suppose.

Now the thing with the construction is that there are signs for around 2 miles before the actual work that tells you that the road is closed.

Then you get to a sign that looks like this:

You would think that would send a crystal clear message.

You’d be wrong.

This sign is around a mile or so from the actual work.

While were walked down Solon Road no fewer than a dozen cars went around this sign to get to the next sign where you could see the back-hoes and a hole in the road.

Most of them turned around at that sign and came back looking pissed. As if the world suddenly started to hate them and now they weren’t special enough that the road would be open for them. Because you know, they are that special.

Then one dip-shit went around the second sign (at this point near the giant Caterpillar machinery) to ask us how to get to the other side!


If you would’ve looked at the signs and followed the directions you’d be at the other side by now.

It would’ve been fun to tell him to just gun the little blue Corolla, hit the ramp and clear the pit.

That would’ve made my day.

People: You aren’t special. No matter what your momma told you. Now face up to the fact you’re stupid and read the damn signs.