My sister-in-law has a Mac (ok, an old Mac) with a hard drive that has long since died. The 80 GB drive ceased to be.

If you look at the ifixit replacement guide you might think it’s almost impossible to do it. You’d be wrong.

Total time spent replacing it: around 15 minutes.

The key is making sure you don’t mix up all the tiny screws:

My trick: put them on a piece of paper (don’t bump it after you set things up!!) and label each set as you take them out. If you go from left to right and top to bottom it’s easy to work backwards!

Random computer pr0n:

Unlike the instructions, this one didn’t have the little latch you need to open with a paper clip. No loss on my part though. It came apart and went back together easy as can be.

Now I’m installing the OS and it all still seems to work.