I think I hit the limit.

While searching for some spare memory for my sister-in-law’s laptop I found something. Actually a bunch of somethings.

Take a step back. The fact I’m looking for spare memory — that might be a tip-off. That I might have some spare memory laying about. And that I have to search for it.

Then the kicker. I find a gigabit switch on the floor. This is the third gigabit switch in the house. I knew of two of them, but now I have this extra one? What gives? Am I getting all Alzheimer-y?

At least I labeled both it and it’s power supply.



I guess I’m both organized and dumb at the same time.

Maybe I should finally clean out my office. Once I get past the three perfectly working keyboards. And around four CD and/or DVD players/writers. And a couple routers. And an ISDN modem. And a 56K CSU/DSU. (!)

No I won’t post pictures. It might make you faint.


Now I just have to figure out what to do with half a dozen old motherboards. Anyone want any? Tons of memory to go with ’em too. (By tons I mean quantity of sticks, not quantity of bits)

Free to a good home if you pick ’em up. (Or it might give me an excuse to meet you half-way somewhere interesting.) If you want to bring beer that’d be cool too.

That being said, I think I’ll keep the switch.

But does anyone want some blank CDs? I think I have around 200 I might never finish using in my lifetime.

Ok. I really don’t have any excuse any more.