Some something quick and random for today…

It was a beautiful day and summer is unfortunately coming to a close soon… En suggested taking the bike out to get dinner somewhere not close by. I picked “west.”

Our initial destination was a a Mexican joint in Grafton. Upon getting there it seemed closed. The open sign was on but it seemed like no one was home. It was creepy. The rest of the town seemed to be the same way: mostly deserted. It’s sad seeing a town that’s dying.

But we were starting to get hungry so we told the Zumo to search out some other Mexican place nearby. Up came Lupitas in Oberlin just a few more miles up the road.

This was a damn good place. Some of the best Mexican food I’ve had anywhere! My standard order at nearly any Mexican joint is the same: beef taco, chicken enchilada and a tamale. This covers the gamut of different types of food, from crunchy to saucy and everything in between. Add rice and beans and you got yourself enough to take home.

The food was very well seasoned and had a lot more complexity than I find typical in most Mexican places. The normal taco meat is a fried ground beef with some chili seasoning. This was a lot more with a far deeper set of spice notes — I think I might’ve even tasted a hint of cinnamon. All that in a shell that I think was freshly made. The enchilada and tamale were similarly good with a smoky sauce on top.

I highly recommend it if you’re nearby — or even not so nearby! Yummy!

A little walk around the campus followed up dinner and let things settle a bit before coming back home. Now I have to find out a bit more about the Boxer Rebellion since they had a big memorial for some missionaries that were killed in it. I remember hearing about it in seventh or eight grade, but I’ve long since forgotten it unfortunately.

84 South Main Street
Oberlin, OH 44074-1646
(440) 774-7080

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