I was watching a race recap of the ALMS race that happened at Mid-Ohio around a month ago. It was a good race.

Some of the little back-stories turned out interesting. The one that struck me was the interview with Greg Pickett from the Muscle Milk squad that races the Porsche RS Spyder. He managed to write off the chasis during practice. (Well, it might be reparable, but it took them out of the race weekend)

The interview was asking Greg how he’s going to sit back in a race car to drive in anger again. He went on to say it was some freak mechanical problem that was a one in a million type of event — all you have to justify to yourself that it it won’t happen again in the same way.

He went on to say that “if you don’t want to wreck it, don’t race it.”

In many ways that’s the same way I feel about most of life. Maybe wrecking is a bit much, but it speaks to the risks that you need to take in life.

Everything in life in a risk. Some more obvious than others.

Racing at 120 mph is obvious that you are taking a risk. Gambling at Vegas can lose you money.

Doing anything at all “odd” has the chance that something strange might happen. Otherwise everyone would be doing it.

This is why I’m not salty about Labrador. I took a risk. It didn’t pan out this time. But I got away with it for the most part.