It was a fun day over at Catawba Island. It’s not an island, but that’s OK.

We spent most of our time wandering over at East Harbor State Park. It was just a few miles away from our Hotel and we had a lot of time to look around.

It’s a great place. We didn’t camp there, but it seems like a great place to spend a night or two. The camp ground is the biggest state campground in the ohio. While the water level has been low due to the hot dry summer so the wetlands weren’t very wet, but it was a great place to walk about. Looking at the damage from the storms of the 70’s was a real eye opener — the beach had been washed away from half the “island.”

Beyond the beauty of park it was fun to just take in Catawba Island and the Port Clinton area. When we first landed we were too early to check into the hotel. En found a flyer for the Perch, Peach, Pierogi and Polka festival put on by the Knights of Columbus. (I still don’t really know if they really are knights) It was a fun way to spend an hour or two!

That night we went back to Port Clinton and had dinner at McCarthy’s. A great place with some great food. We started off with the Scotch eggs — Yummy. For the main course I had the Shepherd’s Pie. It was a great stick-to-your-ribs pot of goodness. En had a burger with a Guinness BBQ sauce. I could taste the Guinness if I tried, but it tasted like a BBQ burger. It was well executed though. The chips that came with the burger were second to none though!

After dinner we went across the street to Rum Runners. We were sent there to find out about the “penis jar.” The barkeep showed us a jar labeled that, but he didn’t know what it was for.

While taking a picture we were flagged down by a couple in the window. We spend the rest of the night shooting the shit with Jeff and Sharon. He really reminded me of another friend of ours: Eggplant — which is a good thing BTW. It was a cool place to hang out and we made some new friends. Karaoke was also going on and En and Jeff went up for a couple of songs. Thankfully I did not.

This morning we went to the 2nd Street Diner for breakfast. One word: Amazing! This is some of the best diner food I’ve had. The biscuits and gravy were the best I’ve had and I was exposed to the wonders of grilled mush: where have you been all my life? We took a couple of home made donuts from them to the beach to savor the experience even more.

To recap the thing we learned is that we should’ve gone out sooner! It seems to be a great place and we need to explore the islands for ourselves as well!

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