On June 26, 2004 I was part of a bit of history — me and 2753 fellow Clevelanders made history by being part of the largest nude photo shoot that Spencer Tunick shot.

Ok, so it’s not really news since it’s been over six years since that’s happened, but it just came to mind for some reason. I don’t really know why. It might be because I ran into the T-shirt I got a few days ago. Whatever it is, it’s something that I’ll never really forget. (Incidentally “Posed Nude” was the front of the shirt)

It was a cold cold day for a late June day that year — and we started just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. Slowly people were walking down to the Rock Hall and milling about waiting for someone to tell us what to do. Most everyone seemed a bit nervous — we all knew what was coming up.

We first heard about Spencer Tunick back around 2002 or so. We watched a special on him on HBO on a snowy winter night. Mr. Tunick started taking pictures of folks mainly in urban locations. We both looked at each other and decided that we would want to do that at some point. Of course we didn’t call up Spencer or anything to make it happen.

We did run around naked for a moment.

But no one saw us.

A few year went by… then somehow we found out that Tunick would be in town. It didn’t take too long to realize that we wouldn’t have many opportunities to do something so crazy.

Mustering up our courage we went downtown. We were meeting a few other folks we knew as well that would do something like this. Courage in numbers.

For some reason the biggest thing I worried about was what’s going to happen to my little pile of clothes as I walked away to follow to herd. When everyone else is just as naked it somehow doesn’t matter that you are.

Naked in downtown Cleveland.

Looking up at the skyline. Next to the Rock Hall and a big ship with it’s crew looking down somewhat amused.

Waiting to be told where to go.

Everyone nervously looking around. Looking to see if anyone is looking. Lying down on the cold bricks on East 9th.

We did it!

I’m somewhere in that mass of people!

Being art.


Cheers to everyone else that was down there with us!

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