Labor day was last week marking the unofficial end of summer. It’s been a strange summer for me. The company I’ve worked at for nearly 10 years has been purchased. I’ve moved on to the new company. There’s a potential relocation to the bay area in the cards.

Like I said: strange.

I had some things I wanted to do, like the Pedal to the Point bike ride, that went by the wayside. A lot of the biking in general got pushed aside with the stress that came with everything (yes, I know you’ll say that exercise can help alleviate the stress… but this is what the past held for me).

A double-whammy of stress and lack of vacation time conspired to exacerbate the issue — I can’t take any time off without time off to take.

On the plus side I just found out today that I’m really no longer a property owner in Hungary. My mom called from Budapest (or a suburb perhaps) that she has a purse full of Forints on her way to the bank. All the cash is from selling my dad’s place in Monorierdő that he left to me and Pete after he passed away last year. It’s good to have some closure on that front.

Related to my dad is guns. He was a hunter and gun person for as long as I could remember. I grew up around them and having a good healthy respect for them. After he returned to his birthplace outside of Budapest I stopped shooting them altogether. He had left them all at my mom’s place and there they sat for the better part of a decade — until she got tired of them sitting in a spare bedroom. That’s when I picked them up to keep them here. They reignited the long-standing love of them. It’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Now to get better at shooting them.

Another thing I got from my dad was the love of motorcycles. This year we went on a no issue motorcycle vacation down to the Smoky Mountains. It was a great time and we made it back home with no damage to either equipment or ourselves. Lots of fine smooth and curvy roads awaited us down there. Camping at Balsam Mountain was the pinacle (literal and figurative) of the trip with the beauty surrounding us there.

Now I just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens to us here… or there… or anywhere.