Finally, something lighter than the past week’s banter about religion!

This all came about from a walk we took last weekend. When we got back home I really wanted to share that walk with others — ok, maybe not the going off-trail, but the more normal bits.

That’s when it hit me: Geocaching! En and I found a cache in the past using the Zumo as the GPS, but that’s not really the best device for what we wanted to do. The Zumo is great for what it’s intended for: driving mainly motorcycles. Though it does a great job with car travel as well, but it’s overqualified for that job.

I bit the bullet — I got a real GPS for caching. I wanted one that can double as a nav in case we’re off doing different things and need a secondary system to lean on. The one I settled on is the Garmin Oregon 450. I’ll do a full review later, but it’s a fine little unit! It would also be great as a backup for motorcycle travel since it’s waterproof like the Zumo.

So, caching… since we got the new GPS, we’ve knocked out 14 nearby caches. It’s a great reason to go outside. I liken it to golf — you’re taking a walk with a purpose, but without the pesky ball hitting thing. (Ok, I’ve also heard it described as “walking in the woods looking for Tupperware,” but I think it’s cooler than that!) We found a few parks we didn’t know of (or had never gone to) and walked around a lot of Geauga Lake. It’s good to see things at a slow pace, it lets you take it in a lot more.

Next weekend we’ll drop off a cache in the park we “discovered.” I’m anxious to see people experience it like we did!  :-)