Quick one today.

While eating at Nicky & Smitty’s, a local diner/deli, En caught a bumper on a local Fox affiliate: “Gay Cupcakes?” (BTW: Awesome place just across from the old Geauga Lake — they do breakfast, lunch and dinner and have some Mediterranean food as well since that’s where to chef is from)

Now, I’m not going to do them justice to link to Fox in any way (not that this stupid blog has any link juice or anything). But is this for real?

The back story to this is that an Indianapolis bakery decided to not make rainbow cupcakes for a LGBT group at a university because they don’t support that and it might taint their two daughters and, you know, make them lesbians or something.

So, are all rainbows gay or something? If by “gay” you mean happy like the double rainbow guy, then sure. But it’s just a symbol.

Are you going to keep your kids indoors in a light shower too since they might see a rainbow and turn gay because of it? Do you have so little faith in your kids? Or do you try to program them like little automatons?

Now, in fairness, a bakery (or any business for that matter) turn down business for almost any reason. They can’t discriminate for certain things like hiring and firing, but they aren’t forced to take your money.

For instance you can’t force them to pipe on swastikas on cupcakes either.

But this is just plain stupid.

Intolerance for your fellow man is just wrong.