We did it: our first cache!

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I’m hoping some other folks will come out and see the forgotten part of Timberlake Park in Solon, OH.

It’ll be cache GC2GEDC when it gets published. But I’ll let you find it first if you want — ’cause I like you!

First get to Timberlake Park — it’s off of Root Road and park there. It’ll be on foot from here. Now hike around the lake and go off next to the new marsh and duck into a little clearing that doesn’t look like it goes anywhere.

N 41° 22.142 W 081° 23.507

Now just follow the trail! I’ve marked the trail with orange trail markers. Ok, the trail was already marked, but I added a few to make it clear. It’s an old 70’s-era fitness trail that’s fallen into disrepair. Just follow the trail and your GPS to the cache.

N 41° 22.448 W 081° 23.691

That should be within about a foot of the cache.

Take a look at the travelbug with the processor attached if you get there quick!

Any excuse though is a good one to take a walk in the park though!