It’s been a long, long week last week. Flying out of Cleveland to San Francisco and staying a few days there working then moving to the offsite in Tahoe.

The offsite was fun but a lot of work with nearly every second being accounted for.

Flying back from Reno to Cleveland was the real killer. Bussing from Squaw Valley to Reno for an hour then waiting for another three for the flight. Then waiting in LAX for six hours was nearly maddening.

A few bright points stuck out to make things easier. Talking to Ruth in Reno about hew working on the airlines for the past 30 years made me realize how much has changed in the airline industry. Back then all the stewardesses were nurses and gave out Valium to folks that needed it — in the piano bar of the 747. Not any more. The other cool thing was dinner at Ruby’s Dinette at LAX. Normally I don’t think airport food is good, but this was actually pretty good!

At this point I’m still just recovering from the week.

And I think I’ll drink a whole lot less to make up for the Quinebreation that we all had last week!