This morning I loaded up some 9mm ammo. It was the first time I’ve done this. I’ve read all sorts of stuff both online and offline. But I’ve never done it before. That’s always a scary place to be.

My recipe:

I made a total of 28 of them. I started with 30 primers. I screwed up 1 case — broke it right up (and primed it before I noticed) and I messed and lost one primer. I also had a few cases that didn’t get primers; I had to re-time the press since it didn’t seem to rotate enough on the down-stroke.

Live and learn.

That being said… after I made them I had to shoot them.

I went to the range with my brother after I made them.

One round through the Beretta to see if things blow up.


Well, a projectile hit the target! :-)

Another four through the 92FS and nothing blew up that wasn’t supposed to.

Next up: the Sig X5. I didn’t want to blow that gun accidentally.

First round, double action.

Center of the bull.


This was the most accurate round that I’ve fired. I’m limited by my own trigger skill instead of the gun or ammunition.

From looking at the spent primers it looked like I could use a bit more pressure in the chamber. I think I’ll work a batch with 5.1 grains of Power Pistol. It was a bit smoky and I heard that it’s a bit cleaner with a hotter load. What I’m looking for is how the primer flattens out a bit and spreads around the primer pocket and around the firing pin.

Now to make up a bigger batch of them! Maybe another hundred or two tomorrow.

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