I so wanted to title this post “Fresh young pussy,” but thought better of it at the last moment.

(I’ll apologize now, I couldn’t help it)

One of En’s coworkers adopted a cat. She escaped for one last fling and came home pregnant. (All you teens: look at this as a lesson!) Now she has kittens. They’re still nursing so so they can’t be adopted yet… but the expectation is they’ll be weened in early December.

So anyone looking for some cute cuddly kitties?

The striped one and the one she’s facing are both girls, and the third one is a boy. If you know anyone who would like one or all three, just let me know.

Kitties are so cute! I have a soft spot for ’em. You should too. (I’d take them but having five kitties would be too much; Jack and Zoe (our existing kitties) say so.)