I have a couple of my dad’s revolvers. The one I’m talking about in this case is a Rossi .38 Special. My brother wants it now.

The problem is that that last time I had it on the range it seemed to have lost it’s double action firing. All it would do is advance the cylinder, but the hammer wouldn’t go back. My guess is that it’s dirty.

Eventually just futzing with it for a bit got the double action back, but I’m not happy with something that didn’t work and now does. Something was messed up.

The way things work on the inside is that the trigger pivots and should catch the hammer on the way back. It keeps pushing the hammer up until it’s engagement becomes negative and the hammer falls. The problem is that something was preventing that original catch. Either it wasn’t reseting all the way (my guess) or some extra dirt got in the way to prevent the engagement in the first place.

So, I’m going to pull the whole lock work apart to clean and re-oil it. A good detail strip should get everything functioning the way it should be. I have a book to walk me through the steps so I should be A-OK.

But I’ll take some more pictures along the way in case anyone is interested.  :-)

Whatever gun I give to Pete I want to make sure it’s working 100%. No use having a tool that doesn’t do that.