was purchased by QuinStreet almost four months ago. Most of the employees of the old ICOM are, unfortunately, gone. The business model just was a bit broken.

As ant enterprise winds down, there’s a lot of detritus that gets left behind. Today I saw some boxes that were marked “garbage.”

There was eight six-quart storage containers that are meta-detritus. These were used to hold tickets to raffle off old worthless computers. Computers that were left over after a different lay off. To fashion these boxes into ballot boxes a neat hole was cut into the top of each of the lids.

And not they were all being thrown away.

So I took them. If nothing else I could throw them away. I took them home with no real plan.

Then I had a brainstorm as I looked over at the shelf that held ZipLocks full of range brass. I have the perfect container. And the hole is a feature!

Now that I see how good these work, I might’ve bought these myself — if I didn’t just bump into them while getting coffee today!

After Ennie and I go to the range to shoot away our frustrations we bag up all the brass in our lane and bring it home. Then I have to sort it all for later reloading.

So, while sorting range brass all I have to do is throw them in the right bin and not have to worry about even taking the lid off. Win!

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Random: This might be one of the few times a post is categorized as “Firearms” and “Business” without having a mad gunman somehow involved. LOL.