Some friends with a TiVo let us know that Time Warner had changed the lineup on them. The TiVo was confused.

We went back through the guided setup and nothing changed. We still had some of the HD channels on the 400s. Now those channels were black.

They were moved up into the 1000s.


We could change the channel to the high ones but we had no program info. That’s no good.

The trick they had found was to say “I’m not sure” to the channels as they came up in the guided setup.

When all is said and done you can pick “Cleveland Suburban – Digital Rebuild” or something like that. You might get an additional one like “Digital Extra” with more channels so it might be worth while going though all the options first.

(Yes, it’s annoying because then you restart channel picking.)

Now our TiVo is happy again!  :-)

Thanks Amy & Erik for the tip!