I had a driveway moment yesterday and I wasn’t even in my driveway. I was sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot.

First off you might want to listen to this week’s Vinyl Cafe from the CBC. (Title of the story is “Honey.”)

They describe Eugene, an old man in his nineties chasing a dream.

I want to be him when I’m that age. I want to have strange and kooky dreams and actually make them happen. I want to pull in the neighbor kids to help me out with those dreams. I want to make that rosemary honey.

I couldn’t turn it off until it was over.

I wish I could tell stories half as well as Stuart McLean tells ’em.

But I want to be the old man with the crazy ideas. Having the crazy goals and the devotion to follow through on them. All this is practice I guess… from motorcycle trips to NaNoWriMo.

All crazy.

All so worth it.

(Here’s a link to the MP3 from their site to listen to it if you want… I recommend it. It’s long… so surf while listening if you want to do something at the same time.)