My reward for completing NaNoWriMo was to get the gun my character used. I walked into B & T Shooting supplies and ordered up a Sig Sauer 229 SAS Gen 2 Two-Tone in .40. I went to pick it up today and it was the normal one (i.e. non-two-tone), but with an extra magazine. No problem there. The stainless-finished slide is more expensive, but it doesn’t come with two mags. It’s mostly a wash.

Trouble is that they included the 10-round mags vs. the normal 12-round mags.

Not cool.

Not that it’s kosher to check the mags at the store by loading them. Bad mojo to load a gun at a gun store.

If I buy them myself (to add on to the existing mags) I’ll be out another $80. Grr… If I’m doing that I want the two-tone gun I ordered in the first place.

I’ll give them a call tomorrow to see what they’ll do. If they fix their problem, kudos. If they don’t I think I’ll make it my mission to make sure that everyone on the net gets a review of their shop as the first search result.

I won’t lie either way.

Remember, it’s their choice how they play their hand. It’s their choice if they want me (or anyone else) as a customer in the future.