No, not a really tiny shirt. The NaNoWriMo winner shirt.

I thought I missed it. After “winning” I had five days to order a shirt — until December 5th.

While hemming and hawing about what shirt to get Ennie I let the deadline slip past. I had the shirt in my shopping cart and went to lunch on Monday the 6th. When I came back to work I checked to see what alternatives were in stock for En.

The shopping cart complained that something was messed up.

The shirt was out of stock.


All that time — and no shirt to prove I did it.

Ok, so I have a two-inch stack of paper that has words that I think I wrote. I looked at it a bit last weekend to see if I could start the editing process on it. I wrote this? Most of the words I don’t even remember. I remember a few of the key scenes, but honestly I’m surprised about it.

I didn’t think I was that drunk.

Anyway… today the shirt was back in stock again. I ordered like I’ve never ordered before. Ok, I just lied. I order like that from Amazon all the time. Just ask the UPS guy.

But I have a shirt on the way — and a poster and other stuff.

I like stuff.

The poster will look nice in my office.