A few weeks ago, while supporting some Cleveland businesses Ennie and I got caught in the massive snow storm that hit Cleveland.

We had gone to see the live taping of NPR’s “Says You” at the Capitol Theatre and had dinner at The Happy Dog.

On our return trip to go to the December showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I “ran a red light” according to the ticket. In fact it claims that I was going 44 mph. I was going about 25 even though the speed limit is 35 according to the document I recieved.

The speed is wrong. Radar doesn’t work right in the blizzard conditions that we were in.

Did I go through the light?

Yes. (*)

I tried to stop but even with my snow tires the unplowed, unsalted streets of the City of Cleveland I didn’t have enough traction to stop. This came as a surprise since closer to downtown (i.e. closer to the lake) the streets were in better condition. Operation Safe Streets my ass. If you want safe streets make them drivable first.

Of course I could have slammed on my brakes.

This would have resulted in one of several different scenarios:

  • I could have stranded myself in the middle of the intersection needlessly making myself a hazard
  • I could have lost control and hit the car that was stopped at the intersecting street needlessly endangering someone else that had nothing to do with any of this
  • I could have lost control and hit one of the many utility poles needlessly endangering my wife and myself
  • I could have lost control and damaged my vehicle

So, given the choices I took the only safe one and continued safely through the light.

The fine is $100. Or maybe it’s just the tax that I can’t really fight.

Other than the upcoming QuinStreet Christmas party and the Indians Home Opener (to which I’m taking my mom to and already have tickets) I will boycot the city and it’s businesses one day for each dollar.

Of course that means nothing.

But If I would have gone down I will call up the restaurant and let them know why I didn’t go.

Yeah. It’s a dick move.

I’m not a Cleveland resident. I don’t have a choice to vote to people on their council. I don’t have a chance to complain to them directly.

The best I can do is delegate to someone that does — as annoying is that is.

The clock starts tomorrow and expires on April 3rd 2011.

Fuck you Cleveland.

* – Ok, if you think that laws are absolute and must be enforced mindlessly then let’s first round up everyone who killed someone in combat in war conditions and put them in jail for murder. Or if someone attacks me? Killing is killing right? Or making an illegal turn to get out of the way of an ambulance with all other traffic stopped. Stupid counterexamples. I’m sure you can come up with hundreds more.