Yesterday Mr. Kasich announced a few department heads for his incoming administration.

David Mustine will head up ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) and Scott Nally will lead OEPA (Ohio Environmental Protection Agency).

The problem I see is that both of them did nothing but rape the land up to this point.

So you have Mr. Mustine who comes to us from AEP — American Electric Power. He was a Sr. VP over there. In case you don’t know AEP is a huge coal mine / coal power plant company.

Then Mr. Nally is from Perdue Foods. Perdue I’m sure you know runs the industrial-scale chicken farms. You know, the ones with giant waste pools that contaminate the surroundings.

Based on previous track record, do you want either to “protect” you? Unless by “protect” you mean solely preserve the bottom line for the business owners at the expense of everyone else.

Sheesh. What an absolute idiot.

I understand you need to use the resources that you have around you. You can’t suddenly stop what you’re doing. You can’t stop society. But to accelerate the problem’s growth is another thing altogether.