The cards were in generally sorted order when Bill presented them to Ennie so the scans are roughly in the same order. This first batch also has some of the odd cards that I had to scan on the flatbed. Some have taped parts on them, others are too think. Or too woody. A couple of them are actually made of balsa wood!

Here’s one of my favorites of this lot:

CE1AGI from Chile.

This was shortly after the revolution and barely a half year after the Bay of Pigs invasion. The interesting part is the remarks. A phone patch is basically connecting the radio to your telephone. It’s a primitive way of making a long distance call. But radio waves — 10m single side band  (SSB) in this case — knows no boundaries other than the ionosphere.
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My other favorite is this one from Cuba:

This one predates the real rise of communism in Cuba. It was more turmoil there with the government of Cuba being thrown out a few months after the card was sent. It’s a snapshot of a point in time. It doesn’t make a judgement of either good or bad. It just is.

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So the list of the calls today:

CE1AGI		Chili		11/12/1961	10	SSB
CE2OX		Chili		3/3/1970	15	SSB
CE3TV		Chili		3/5/1962	10
CE3XG		Chili		5/31/1962	10
CE4FG		Chili		10/30/1959	10
CE5DF		Chili		8/19/1980	15	AM, CW
CM2JM		Cuba		4/28/1933
CN2AX		Morroco		11/6/1959	10	CW
CN8FJ	W8WWT	Morroco		3/2/1959	10	Fone
CN8FO		Morroco		9/16/1959	10	CW
CN8JD		Morroco		2/13/1960	10	CW
DK5FJ		Germany		2/26/1972	15	SSB
HC1CW		Ecuador		5/21/1958	10	SSB
I1ARG		Italy		11/12/1959	10	CW
VE1AI		Canada		5/11/1967	20	SSB