As I posted on Friday, the hard drive on my iMac went to the bit bucket in the sky last week. That’s neither a fail or a win with the mac since it’s just a hard drive. In addition to storing data they up and die on you with some regularity.

So I dropped it off at the Apple store in Legacy Village on Friday night at 7. It was a completely non-confrontational transaction; they didn’t try to not take it back. They asked no questions and he told me that they had a drive in stock so it wouldn’t take long.

Yesterday I got a call at around 10:30 saying the computer was ready!

We’re talking 3 1/2 business hours to turn it around! (They close at 9 PM and open at 10 AM)

I’m completely and totally blown away by the service.

The one problem (which I was able to fix) is two or three pieces of dust and a tiny bit of schmutz. I realized how easy it is to take off the glass from an iMac and in no time the glass was spotless again. All I used to take it off was the suction cup mount from my Garmin Zumo.  :-)

As a side note: the awesomest thing to use in this case is Sprayway Graphic Arts Cleaner. The stuff absolutely rocks! Not just for this but any glass surface. I’ve used it mainly in framing pictures… but mirrors and windows… and now iMac screens. I’ve never been let down!